Thursday, September 19, 2019


FRIDAY, SEPT. 20, 2019

*Please note: I have told all these classes the plan ahead of time, so none of this should be a surprise to them! Thanks! *

BLOCK 1 COLLEGE PREP 12 ENGLISH: This is a fantastic, SMALL class who works well independently. Please pass out the double sided “grammar test” to them. Please tell them that this does not count as a real TEST!!! It will count towards their participation grade. Please do not collect it when they are done; please ask them to bring it to class for next time and I will collect it. When students are done, they should work on reading for their “Book Talks” that are to be presented on October 24. Some may not have their books, and they can work on other homework. Thank you!

BLOCK 2 COLLEGE ENGLISH 12 : A big class, but a great group of young people. These are seniors taking a “dual enrollment” class where they are getting WHS credit AND a credit from Thomas College. For this class, please hand out the same double sided “diagnostic grammar test” that you gave to the CP class. They should work on this and TREAT IT like a test....please tell them that this is stuff they “should” know from previous years of English. Please tell them it will count as a participation grade and not a test...but they should still strive to get the best answers as they can. When they are done, please remind them to look over their BookTalk rubrics and familiarize themselves with the grading process. They can use remaining time to read their books. PLEASE NOTE: Mr McNeil and Ms Marin (the guidance counselors) delivered a presentation to the seniors during their last class. THEY MAY BE BACK TO TALK TO THE CLASS because they didn't quite finish with them last time! Just so you are aware. They are both wonderful to work with! Thank you for your understanding. One more note: Please do not collect any work from the class....I will take their “tests” next time

FOCUS TIME: Please be sure to take attendance. Students are to work quietly....

BLOCK 3 STUDY HALL: Many kids go to other places (Ms Littlefields...Ms Beckwith...the library....the art room...Mr Bolduc...etc). Please make sure each student SIGNS OUT on the book on top of the file cabinet by the door. They should also show you their pass. The kids are very good about doing this. You will most likely be left with a small group of great kids who work hard. Thanks!

(you eat second lunch....the study hall is split in half....)

BLOCK 4 COLLEGE ENGLISH 12: Please follow the same plan from my block 2 version of the is the same class, just a different section...

I hope you have a great day subbing. Please note that I will post this whole lesson plan on my class web site, which is You can definitely tell the kids that the plan is on there too! Thanks again!


Wednesday, September 18, 2019



Today your guidance counselors came to present to the class.....if you were not here today, please see your guidance counselor as soon as possible! And BREATHE!!!! There was a lot of heavy stuff presented. You will get through it!!! You have great teachers and guidance counselors to help youseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


CP 12

Please remember to tell me the title you will do for your book talk! Guidance is coming in next time, so be prepared for this!

Today we worked on a double sided "diagnostic" test involving some grammar and sentence was counted as a participation grade


Today we went over the rubric of the book talk...see me if you have any questions! Remember that yours is going to be on October 24

We worked on a "diagnostic" grammar and writing test that tackled issues to do with dangling modifiers, parallel structure, and commas....if you did not get it, see me, as it counted as a participation grade!

Monday, September 16, 2019



We followed the same plan as the orange day on your free time, you should be reading the book you want to present for your booktalk (which is on Oct 26)


We followed the same plan as orange from Friday....please remember that guidance will be here on Wednesday to deliver their senior presentation

Have a great afternoon!

Friday, September 13, 2019



We had a shortened class due to the assembly....

We took the vocab test, so if you missed that, see me ASAP!!!

We went over the connotation and denotation worksheets you did...this was the sheet that said LESSON 24 on it...


We had a shortened class because of the assembly...

We took the vocab test!

I gave you about ten minutes to finish up your "purple diagnostic" test, and then we went over the were asked to correct your own, and then pass it in as a participation grade....

I gave you the BOOKTALK rubric....I would like you to go over this for next class....the booktalk is not going to be until OCTOBER 25, but you should start looking it over nonetheless....I will go over it with you next class!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2019



Hi folks. You should look at yesterday's orange day post, as you did the same plan....however, your vocab test is on MONDAY....

ALSO, don't forget to mark your book talk date down somewhere...I will be asking you for your book title soon!!!!!


Please follow the orange day plan from yesterday....but remember that YOUR vocab quiz is on MONDAY.....

ALSO, please prepare any question/bring any materials that you think may be helpful for when guidance comes to talk to you next week!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019



1. Silent reading....
2. BookTalk
-rubric given
-process explained
-read the whole thing on your own
-your book talk will either be October 24 or 25--depending on which day is an orange day!

3. Connotation vs Denotation
-work on Lesson 24 as much as you can before class ends
-I collected this and graded it as a participation grade!



1. Silent Reading
2. Cultural Literacy
-go over the connotation and denotation exercises you did
3. English diagnostic "test"
-this is a PRACTICE test (will count as participation grade) on where you folks stand with regards to grammar, usage, etc
-I collected the workbooks....but please bring your answer sheets to class on Friday...I am aware that many of you did not finish...there will be time to do this on Friday
4. Study for your vocabulary test on FRIDAY!!!!